Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zoo Day!

Yeah, I know. The zoo again. Who can help it? It's a few miles away (close enough to walk), it's free, and it's amazing! We were there to meet two sets of friends. The first half of the morning was spent with Erin & Co. (the ones we spent time with on Monday at Monkey Joes) and the afternoon was spent with friends Heather and Erin and their kids. It was warm but not too awful! Here's a few pics!


Heather S. said...

Glad you had fun! Sorry we missed it! We had just been there the day before and since it is such a hike for us, I thought 2 days in a row would be a little much for the girls (and me).

Bob Hansel said...

Remember, you are NOT getting a gerbil. Loved being with you!

Heath and Lindsey said...

Hi, I'm Lindsey. We live just miles from the zoo here in Springfield, IL. We, too, are frequent visitors.
Can't beat cheap summertime entertainment. Love reading your blog!