Monday, June 2, 2008

Subbing Story 8

In honor of my last week teaching for awhile, Lord willing, here's some answers to the journal prompt I gave today to my second graders that I thought you may all find entertaining.

Journal Prompt:
If I had an airplane that could take me anywhere at any time...

...I would go to ATL because It is a fun place. And they give kids a lot of stofe. One day they gave my cosin a book bag. That was nice for someone to do that.

...I would go around the wold. I would go to Itily, Mashchshits, eurup, Garmandy, artic Sarcel. It would be fun to see the anemls arown the warld.

...I will go to boniue (Bosnia) because I’m homesick. And im happy there. And nothing bad happens. And a lot of my family is there.

...I would go to my house. Because I have a pool. I also have an alley.

...I would go to Wiconsin to see my cuzins, to puerto rico to get voting tickets for my dad, to Washington DC to meet Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and to New York because it’s awesome.

...I would go to Africa because evry black person is long lost reltevs of Africa.

...I would go to the spa to get a massage because it feals good. I wish I worked there so I could get a massage every day. I love the spa.

No, that last one wasn't mine...


The Wagners said...

You gotta love it!

McMurrays said...

My favorite post yet. . love second graders journals. .they crack me up!

Lance and Heather said...

i'm kind of sad that school is over. these posts are hilarious.