Monday, October 6, 2008

Full Weekend, post 1

Friday we got to experience the first annual FE bonfire! The guys spent the day recording and the families all met them at Sheri's parents house, the ultimate location for a family fun night!

Other than a random one day allergy attack, we had a great time! Any chance we have to hang out as a whole group, we take it. The FundeesUndees haven't had a chance to all be together since the CD release party in May. Again, to echo previous posts, I cherish time with those women. They're truly a blessing.


dave.heather said...

What fun! So, call me dense, but am I understanding that Russ is in a band? Where can I buy a CD? This is very exciting! ~Heather

Amanda said...

I didn't know that you were on such a health kick that your poor son was having to start "training" at 2 years old!!!