Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Full Weekend, post 3-ish

Monday morning doesn't really count for the weekend but it all runs together sometimes so we're going with it.

We started the day by picking up friend Toby to give his mom a little break for the morning and to give E some guy-time. I've been wanting to take him to this cool train place here and this was a great excuse. We practiced our train noises all the way to the closed train store! I became immediately thankful for two things: beautiful weather and the short memory of toddler boys!

All the sudden I changed the choo-choo's to "Who loves to swing?" "Who wants to slide?" and thankfully it worked!

A seriously intense soccer game

Please notice a few details on this pic: sweet Toby holding the soccer ball waiting for E. Notice E is running toward those little dots (squirrels). Apparently he needs more playdates with humans and not just Daisy.

Seriously? It's a shame they're not very cute...


Guatemalan Journey... said...

oh my bad your family is not like the cutest thing ever! love the pumpkin patch photos...E and his little girl friend look like trendy lil models...

Amanda said...

I just bought my nephew that same shirt for his birthday!!

That is such a fun age! They had just as much fun as they would have on the train!!