Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Once in a lifetime

As I sat on the beach by myself one evening in Cancun as Russ was off playing beach volleyball, I came to the realization that this vacation was a once-in-a-lifetime-trip. Then immediately I realized there's no reason we can't take this trip every year. I earned it by just doing my job. I worked hard and this was my payday. I've worked hard at almost every job I've had and never gotten anything like this in return. This realization humbled me.

(At the swim-up bar in the Infinity Pool)
A question I get a lot from people I haven't seen in awhile is "Still doing Arbonne?" I know it's rare that people stay in Network Marketing companies for this long and I know why. I've thought of quitting, I've asked myself 'What am I doing' more times than I'll admit, I've had to restart my business more than once and the whole thing can be exhaustive. I constantly have to put myself out there. But the benefits of plugging into this company are overwhelming at times. The cost of not doing this anymore is too much to even think about.

(On my left is Rita Davenport, the president of Arbonne and on the right, my National Vice President, Ann)

Starting this business was a means to an end. I needed a few extra hundred dollars a month to help pay for fertility stuff. And here I was, 3 years later, on the beach thanking God for my beautiful son and the road it took to get him. I know the success I've had is only on account of the Lord blessing the work my hands have done. I'm blessed to do this for a living, to be apart of a company that truly wants me to succeed and to realize my dreams as well as teach and train others to do the same.

Part of those dreams is having a healthy marriage. Most days, Russ and I burn the candle from both ends. We're not so good at disciplining ourselves to splurge on a babysitter and take a night out to reconnect. Not that we should only reconnect once a year, but this trip was perfect timing. Turns out, my husband is pretty funny, still thinks I'm hot and remains the champion at Putt Putt Golf. He still likes romantic walks on the beach and flirting with me in airports. Those things alone make the discipline of doing this business worth it.

(Amazing dinner buffet overlooking the ocean listening to a Mexican band singing "Tuuti Ruuti, Oh Fuuti")

ya know...in my spare time...

Not everyone took this sign seriously...oh my yikes. Other than that, amazing trip!


Amanda said...

I am glad that you were able to do this trip!!! I know it was good for the two of you to have this reconnect time...and it was good bonding time for me and the cutest nephew ever!!! We will have to make this a yearly thing!!!

Amanda said...

Ha! The topless sign was funny. When we went to Cancun about 3 years ago we were going for a walk when BAM!!! Lots of bare boobies everywhere we looked. We threw the towel over the girls heads and headed back the other direction!!!
Glad you and Russ had a great time. Looked like and amazing trip.

the Hansels said...

I'm there with you next year!!

Sharon, Irene and Isabella's Mommy said...

I love it! Every single bit of it! Your hard work is paying off, my friend. You deserve it. Can't wait to see you in your new white Mercedes very soon!!!

Mamá to the best 3 said...

so glad to hear about (and see pics from) your amazing trip!!