Monday, July 28, 2008

Guate Trip, Day 3

On Saturday we moved into a new hotel where we had the whole place to ourselves. Then we piled into our "minibus" and headed to Cuidad Vieja to a local soup kitchen. We met a woman named Myra who is part of an unbelievable family. To make a long story short, Myra's mom was made aware of children in her neighborhood that weren't eating lunch most days because they were left alone during the days for multiple reasons. They started feeding these few kids lunch and those kids brought a few kids, and so on. They've had to limit it to Saturdays now because they have between 50-60 kids. They don't have the space or the money to do it, but they do it anyway. There are MANY Friday nights that they don't know what they're going to serve the next day, nor do they have the money to go get the supplies but they haven't missed a Saturday in FOUR YEARS! It's still a struggle but they've committed to it. The faith of this family is something to be learned from. Through the last four years as they've gotten to know these kids they've become aware that none of them are in school. So, logically, if you don't have enough $$ to feed them, you should commit to starting a private school for them, too, right? These people are nuts. I couldn't have been more taken with them. And if you don't have the $$ to do it, you should plan on starting school in January, right? Seriously.

They are looking for people to sponsor each kid each month for their education/food/school supplies. This motivates me to push it with my Arbonne business even more so I can sponsor a bunch of these kids! Anyway, we had a cool opportunity in that they have people willing to start the sponsoring but don't have anything to give them so we were able to gather their info and take their pictures while we were there. Myra was so excited to get this done! She's had it on her list of stuff to get done but wasn't sure how to even start! So, most of us played with the kids and helped clean up lunch while Lee took each kid's picture after Melissa and Myra took their info.

If you're interested in sponsoring one of these kiddos, please contact me and I'll give you the details.

After we got home, dried off (a little rainy today!) and headed to one of my FAVORITE places in Antigua, Rainbow Cafe. It was a little surreal being there and watching Eliot and Madi playing together during dinner. Great food, Great friends, AHHHHH!

Eliot was helping them find new places for their water jugs. He just couldn't stop serving on this trip!


Deb said...

Katie... how much do you think it would be to sponsor a child? We might be interested if we can work it into our budget.

McMurrays said...

Also wondering on cost. . .
Love this post. So inspiring!
The McMurray Family

Anonymous said...

Also wondering on the cost. I have two World Vision kiddos right now but I know that Adam is dying to sponsor one. I am excited. Let me know the details sista!!!

Holly said...

Hi Katie! I have been following your story...I am so taken with your trip to Guatemala! How incredible! This has touched our family in a big big way! Love, Chris, Holly and Isabella Powell