Sunday, July 19, 2009

The injured list.

Some of the crazy girls from this post all decided to train for a half-marathon. Ya know, cuz we're all so in shape, it should be an easy transition. I have run two of them before and clearly that kind of endurance lasts over the 4 years I haven't run.

So, we've been working on our weekly schedule in preparation for the half coming in September. I was happily surprised at how well I was doing. If you're one of my friends on Facebook, you may have seen that on Saturday I ran 5 miles. At one time, not over a week or a month. I was as shocked as you! Let's just say that Facebook didn't exist the last time that happened. Or computers for that matter.

But then Saturday night my foot started hurting. Sunday morning was even worse. After consulting with those sporty type friends of mine, we concluded I had a stress fracture. It's official. I'm a legit athlete. Fortunately, I was made aware that Arbonne makes a joint formula supplement that will help me heal ten times faster and support my joints and stuff. Who knew?

And then it occurred to me. 2 + 2 = osteoporosis, people. You can't make this stuff up. Is it a coincidence that my bones become brittle and stressed once I take dairy from them?? It's the Romeo to my Juliet. A forbidden love. My bones are committing suicide w/o it.

By the way, I'm only half serious about all this dairy drama. I know a few of you couldn't tell if I was being serious on that post or not. While my psoriasis is annoying and bothersome, and I do love dairy more than a healthy amount, I was adding a little dramatic flare to make things interesting, to really milk it, if you will. (My dad is so proud of me for that one right now!) That's all, peeps, no worries. Just don't invite me to go out for ice cream.


erin said...

This must be what you were trying to tell me this morning when Marlie kept tossing herself on the ground :). 5 miles is very impressive!

Dan and Amanda said...

That's awesome!!! (not the stress fracture part) Hope you heal quickly and get up and running again soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all, the dairy post cracked me up...and then today, the math equation did the same! it's so obvious that your lack of dairy contributed to the injury. get yourself to oberweis STAT.

5 miles? that's crazy long. but good for you!

Amanda said...

Katie....I saw your comment about "milking it for all it's worth" and before I read any further I was thinking about your dad!!! I am sure he is very proud!!!