Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This post idea has been rattling around in the brain for a few months now. Over the summer I heard someone say they quit reading a mutual friends blog because she always looked like she had it all together, life was dandy, nothin' to see here except shiny happy people holding hands. Those weren't her exact words but you get it. It got me thinking. I'm sure we all do it to some degree.

While at the pumpkin patch with friends we rarely see, we noticed them laughing after watching us attempt to take a pic of Eliot. They made jokes about how after seeing all the cute pics of him we have, they thought he walked around posing perfectly for pics. Then after I posted some of our patch pics on facebook, one of my friends even commented this: "It must be so fun to photograph such a good-looking kid! So stinkin' cute in all of these!!"

Well, let's see...

Take 347? Nope.

And take 2931. Nope.

So, yeah...let's just set the record straight. Eliot is just like every other 3 year old. We take hundreds of pics hoping for 2-4 good ones. The digital camera was created by a parent, I'm sure of it.

We certainly don't have everything figured out as parents, and for sure not in marriage. Everyday life can get pretty stressful around here with all we have on our plates and I'm not even talking about how often Russ wrestles a block of cheese out of my hands. But I rarely post about that stuff. I should more often, even just for myself, but also for you. While some unhealthy part of me really wants you to think I have it all together, the reality is pretty much the opposite.

Some blog examples? 90% of gymnastics so far has looked like this:

But that's not what I led you to think, and the five minutes he actually participated I bossed Lisa around making her take a million pics.

And that cute little chocolate chip? Believe it or not, he spends a good amount of time like this:

That's a time-out. At the pumpkin patch. The place of utopia-like paradise for a 3 year old. And don't fall for the brown face of innocence, he deserved it and more, frankly.

So, don't be deceived. Things are not all sunflowers and bubbles around here. More like bubblewrap. (As usual, I'm not sure what that means.) We're pretty much making up this parenthood thing as we go, I fail daily at wife-hood, I consistently drop the ball in friendships, I can't stop drinking soda and I would like to take this opportunity to admit publicly that I don't know the last time I mopped the floor. (Let me think...how long have we lived in this new place?)

And while I'm admitting stuff, if you were in the stack that didn't receive a thank you card from our wedding 11 years ago, please know that we really were thankful for those _____ that you gave us.

In conclusion, know that we're not as polished this here blog may suggest and may need to throw in a few more 'keepin it real' posts. Oh, and, don't eat anything off my floors.


Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

maybe someday you will be able to have it together like we do... well got to go clean up the dog pee I keep stepping over that has puddled in the middle of Charlie's play room.

amy said...

:) I was just telling my sister-in-law (as I watched her son throw a tantrum in Bandanas) it always makes me feel better when I see mothers with their children in-the-raw. I like the reminder that I am not alone...

karen said...

Oh that makes me feel better. I read a really old post of yours and you were talking about "windexing" everything. I couldn't keep my house clean before baby, and now good luck.
And the picture thing, we took Malcolm for a passport picture and they took about 40 before we got one that would work.
We all have our moments:)

Amanda said...

So, I guess that we should not give in to that sweet little face while he is here next week??? You know that will be especially hard for Nana!!!

Laura said...

The way you write cracks me up! Maybe because I can relate! So could have wrote this post and more. Yes there is so much more behind the blog photos than we all see :) An for sure no perfect parent. Thanks for sharing, always love to hear about real life!

The Busters said...

What a great post. Thank you! Your brutal honesty makes your blog one of my favorites.

Blessed Mommy said...

love you girl, you literally make me lol! Thank goodness, none of us has it TOTALLY together - life would be so boring, right?