Thursday, October 22, 2009

El Libro

(The Book)

I feel like I've used that post title too many times before, so I thought if I wrote it in spanish it might mix things up a bit.

There's been some questions lately from people in my world that I thought should already know what's going on with the book. Apparently I'm a little elusive on the details. Lemme shake it down for ya:

I'm writing a book.

A memoir. Of our journey from infertility 6+ years to a crazy adoption.

I have no experience other than teaching 3rd and 4th graders how to write a seriously rockin' 5 paragraph paper. And writing a blog. That totally qualifies me, right? Not many people write blogs. {Chuckle, chuckle}

I started writing while still in Guatemala. If you're keeping track, that was over 2 years ago.

I'm almost to chapter 30.

My goal in writing it is twenty-fold. To document our journey for me, for eliot. To finish something I started. To put one more pro-adoption thing out in the world. To tell our story. To finally start eating dairy as much as I want. To give people a peak into the reality of two difficult seasons, etc.

I've been reading memoirs, adoption and otherwise, like they're a sale on earrings at Forever 21. (Hopefully the book is better than that analogy.)

I've written a book proposal and when I get the nerve, will submit it to agents. There's actually research and stuff involved. I have a couple of "connections" to agents but will probably send it to as many as I can. Once I pick one (or get picked) they will then market it to publishers. In an ideal world.

The other option is self-publishing. Still getting info on that.

Already have a title and a cover made by some guy at ArtInStereo.

I already have one unofficial editor who is way smarter than me and whose ideas I already value like crazy.

Anyway, there's a start. Feel free to ask me questions I may not have answered in this little shake down.

You guys are awesome.


Jodie Allen said...

i can't wait to read it. I can't wait to promote it. i can't wait to take your book jacket photo! HA! :)

SOOOOOOO proud of you for this!

Tina said...

I cannot wait to read it to! I just finished reading "Waiting for Daisy" by Peggy Orenstein. It was a terrific book. I am sure yours will be, too.

heather said...

I Can Not Wait to read your book Katie. Your story, your journey, your beautiful perspective on life in the midst of your struggles and your incredible joys.
So excited for you!

Blessed Mommy said...

Cannot wait to read it (as well as every family member i have and every friend too!)...

becky canatsey said...

wait you can't eat dairy till your finished?