Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In the spirit of a 'mommy fail' discussion started yesterday, I'd like to just get it out there that we sometimes eat at McDonalds.

This isn't about how we're all slowly killing ourselves, which I'm fully aware of. I do not support nor un-support the purchase or consumption of any fast food including but not limited to said McD's. Back to the topic: lots of us eat there, but how many of us play the McNopoly game? Every year I throw the little pieces away since we don't eat there enough to even bother.

So, I've run this idea by my handsome sounding board and he dug it. However, at the risk of sounding dumb, I'll share it with you since it won't work if I don't.

Here's the idea: I will start a master game board w/ the couple pieces I have. Instead of us all throwing the pieces away, save it and email me w/ which one you have. I'll mark it off the board w/ your name and contact info. Our chances have to increase if we all join together right? (I promise I'm not just sitting around doing nothing, this is just an idea that I had last year that I never posted.)

So, if we win something, those who's pieces won, get to split the $$. What does everyone think?? This is one of those moments where it seems kinda dumb until we win money and then it seems brilliant! Anyone in?? Pray about it and get back to me.


Nicole said...

That sounds like a great idea! We don't eat at McD's that often but maybe we will start.... :)

Jodie Allen said...

DUDE! We had it for lunch and I threw the pieces away! But we eat it more than I'd like to admit... especially when I have 5+ sessions a week! SO we're in!

amy said...

you're brillliant!
we're in too.
guess that means "Old McDonalds" for dinner after the dentist tomorrow... :)

Heather said...

Count me in too! FUN!!!

Amanda said...

I don't have to pray about this little situation!!! I am in. I don't go to McD's very often but I can help I will have your child here all of next week so I am sure we will make a McDonald's trip at some point.

amanda said...

haha oh katie this makes me love you even more.

pshh... like thats even possible. lets get real.

: )

Amy R. said...

The Riley's are in too. :)

Crystal Mueller said...

You are hiliraous! and brillant... I love the "pray about it and get back to me"
We are in - Greg eats there all the time.