Thursday, October 1, 2009

The race!

Starting my full-time job brought on some sacrifices, one of them being an additional obstacle to my running schedule. I could have made myself do it, but that would mean sacrificing time from something (or someone) else and I just couldn't do it. I ran off and on during the last 14 weeks but nothing consistent like you're supposed to when training for a half-marathon.

Several weeks ago, I made the decision to let myself off the hook and just sign up for the 10K even though my girls would be completing our original team goal of 13.1 miles. We drove Friday night to Columbia and woke up Saturday to thunderstorms and a chilly breeze. Not exactly ideal running conditions but there's not much you can do.

The girls starting the half!

My skills w/ our *new* camera aren't so great as you can tell. Either that or they were all running so fast it was impossible to catch. You decide. That's them on the very left, green and blue shorts.

My 10K started 15 minutes after they were gone. I enjoy running alone but was disappointed I wasn't able to at least start w/ my team! It rained 99% of the run. Some of that was actually pretty refreshing. There's something kinda cleansing about running by yourself on the trail in the rain for a long time.

Eliot keeps telling people that I won since I came in before the girls. I'm thankful he doesn't understand 6.2 vs. 13.1 yet. I'll take it!

Here's the "after" pic. I'm so proud of my girls! They each worked really hard for this and stuck it out together! Great job, girls!!


Dan and Amanda said...

Great job Katie! A 10K is still quite an accomplishment. :)

Rebecca and Shannon said...

Congrats to all! Was this a trail-run? I'm seeking out good trail-runs this fall...