Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bullets for Bonzo

In case Bonzo is, in fact, real and reads my blog:
(or I was in the mood for alliteration.)

*FE is recording a Christmas song for Mocha Club, which got me thinking. I think Russ should record a whole Christmas Album. I wrote this as my status on FB and got an overwhelming response. What do you think?? My favorite was one comment that read, "I think the name of the album should be Gold, Frankincense and Mohr". Clever people!

*The Mayor of St. Louis visited E's pre-school last week. When we asked Eliot about it, he told us the Mayor took them to the park, went down the slide and that Aquaman came with him. Hmmmm...

*The big reveal is this week and there was a winner! Get ready!

*Read AN AMAZING book on God's will this week. Kinda blew my mind. Thinking I might write a post on it.

*Swine Flu! (No one has it at Camp Mohr, just wanted to stay relevant.)

*Cancun pics coming soon including the Mariachi Man who held me and sang, "Pretty Woman".

*Went to the second annual FE fall bonfire this weekend! I do enjoy those silly peeps and was once again so thankful that those are the ones we're tied to until further notice.

Above: the newest member to the FE fam. Below: the FEUndies!

So, what do you think about Russ+Christmas music+your personal music library?


Anonymous said...

yay for Christmas music!

be so, so thankful you don't have swine flu. i'm about to lose my mind over here from the cabin fever.

Kelsey Lantz said...

oh I LOVE Christmas music....but I would really really realllyyy LOVE some good Mohr Christmas music. That would pretty much make this Christmas perfection. ;)

amy said...

Christmas music is ALWAYS a good choice!

heather said...

that would be AWESOME Christmas music! it'd be on my list for sure!!

can't wait to see the big reveal...

Amy R. said...

I TOTALLY want a Christmas CD by Russ! I listened to his worship CD on my way to work this morning. :)

Sara D. said...

I know what the costumes are...but I won't spoil it. LOVE IT...they will be adorable as always.