Friday, January 8, 2010


One day in the future, you'll be sipping on a great cup of fair-trade coffee, cuddled into your snuggie, reading my book. My book about my trials, tribulations and tan during my time in Guatemala. And you'll come to the part of the story where a new character is introduced. Her name is Alaska.

Is it really Alaska? No, but she's from Alaska and she's hilarious and quirky. And her given name is Maria but that sounds Guatemalan so in efforts to not confuse you, she shall be called Alaska from hence forth.

Alaska adopted M, a cute little chocolate chip only a couple months younger than E-beast. Once they got home from their stay in Guate, they started asking the Lord about kiddo #2. The answer was one that I find rare but if you live in Alaska, not so much. Maybe. Not sure,actually. I don't feel adequately qualified to say what might be rare and not-so-rare in a part of the country that may or may not really exist.

(I'm rambling. Rabbit trails, really. I blame it on the Mountain Dew that has welcomed me into 2010. Oh well, there's always 2011.)

Alaska (the person, not the state) adopted an eskimo* baby. And strangely enough, I think baby N looks as much like baby M as possible. God is nuts. Now that baby N is home and growing, they asked God about #3.

Get this: God has their next baby in Africa. Do you love it? I can't wait to hear what happens! In the mean time, we can help Alaska and fam with offsetting the cost of their THIRD adoption (in 3 years! EGAD!) They've established an account w/ a really cool company that sells great coffee and the proceeds go to the family! You have to check out this link to their "store". Click on the link and check it out, there's even a picture of their cute little Alaska melting pot. Then send the link to your coffee drinking, snugglie wearing friends!

If you drink coffee already, why not let part of that $$ go to your fair trade java yum and some of that money go to BRINGING A BABY HOME TO THEIR FOREVER FAMILY! Clearly, not a choice. Go forth and order coffee! (the missing commandment out of the big 10.)

Also, a little P.S.: Baby M (toddler M by now, actually) is having spinalcord surgery today! Please pray pray pray! Here's their blog link if you'd like updates on his progress and his cuteness.

*"Eskimo" is an actual tribe, not a stereotypical label. Alaska doesn't refer to her son that way, in my ignorance I do, just to clarify.

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Sharon said...

I think I had as much fun reading this as you did writing it :)