Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some good news out of Haiti...

***Edited to add, google readers: the video didn't show up in my reader for whatever reason, but I promise it's worth a an extra click!

Note to self...don't watch adoption videos while still at work.

Does this send you over the edge? It does for me! I keep hearing mixed reviews on Haitian adoptions in this time. One of my new blogs I'm in lurve with is a family in the middle of their third adoption. She posted this pic of the UN building in Haiti.

It's unreal. The pics of the devastation make me wonder how any paperwork could possibly get accomplished and what's an adoption without tens, lo hundreds of sheets of paper! I'm excited and anxious to hear more stories like the one up top.

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Amanda said...

i needed another excuse to cry, so thank you.

seriously though... how precious is that?!?