Friday, January 22, 2010


Russ and Sharon (and my boss) have apparently been conspiring for months to bring Sharon out for my birthday. (Sharon was my Guatemalan roommate turned very dear friend). Before you watch this, you should note a few things:

*Apparently when I am legitimately surprised (very hard to do) my high voice makes an appearance.

*Russ might have blood sugar issues. Holy shakes.

*Back story: Russ came to Guate a few days early than "planned" for one of his trips as a surprise while I lived there. Sharon and I knew all about it before he showed up. That was 3 years ago. I just confessed this to him about 2 months ago.

*Earpieces are super hot. Be jealous.


Unknown said...

AHHHHHHh what a wonderful surprise!!!! Is she still here? How long?!!! I would love to see you both! Call me.....stop by... I really want to see you!!!

heather said...

How fun!
Hope your birthday's a happy one friend!

janel. said...

so much fun!!! I love it <3 and I loved hearing your voice again.
good surprises!!
Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

So why is it that the two of you girls always make me cry?!?!? I love you and hope you are having a great time with Sharon and Isaac. And how the heck did you and Sharon know that Russ was coming? You are a sneaky sneaky little girl!!! I am so glad that no one spilled the beans about Sharon's surprise visit!!!


Sara D. said...

So fun! Happy Birthday.

And I am legitimately concerned for Russ and his sugar issues/hand seizures.

Erin said...


Love it.

Scott & Melissa Davis said...

Oh my goodness....I LOVE this video right next to my wedding video ( wink) two dear friends..could you possibly be any cuter or more dear to me?!!! I love this...going to go watch it for the 10th time!