Friday, January 15, 2010


While cleaning for our home study (more on that later, FOR THE LOVE!) I found a role of film. Do you know what that is? I hardly remember. We're practically archeologists.

I have no idea what might be on it but I'm super curious! I'm going to hop in my covered wagon and take it to Walgreens to get it "developed".

Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

I also have a roll of film waiting to be developed! Except, I've known about it for a long time and just keep forgetting to take it in. I know that it's black & white film (the last roll I had at the time) and that I took the pictures on it well after I got my digital camera, but just wanted to use it up. I'm guessing baby Bennett pictures on it!

I'd love to see pictures when you get them back!

Brian Di said...

We just cleaned out a closet today and found a camera with two dead batteries and a roll of film in it as well, also from 2001. I can't wait to see what is on this as well.

Very cool. Good luck with your next journey.

B Di