Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Celebs.

***I've already posted several NY posts and have gotten some clarifying questions. I went for 3 full days to visit my friend (Russ' cousin) Joy. The purpose of the trip was strictly a girls weekend! I had never been to NYC before and loved every stinkin' minute of the trip.***

First thing of the trip was front row in the studio audience for Regis & Kelly!

Don Draper? Yes please.

They also did the taping for Friday with guest host Anderson Cooper

Kelly was arguing with this little girl from the studio audience because she didn't think Anderson was cute.

While exploring on my own one afternoon I turned the corner and saw this. I walked over to see what all the fuss was about and as I got closer the crowd looked my direction and started yelling "KATIE!" I stopped walking, all the sudden very awkwardly, and noticed that the cameras had moved to my right and I looked over in time to see Katie Holmes walking by. I didn't quite have my wits about me to take a pic but no worries, I found these on the internet: Thanks Al Gore!

Here's my 10 minutes of living as a paparazzi:

Anna WinTour (If you haven't watched The September Issue, do it. It's intriguing.)

Well, Hi Kerry Washington!

Isabel Lucas

That head of hair is unmistakable! (Grace Coddington)

Just meeting Eminem on the streets on NYC...

On the set of Good Morning America

Castle! We hung out in the elevator. No big deal.

Russ keeps calling him George Step-off-of-this. Jealousy isn't a good color on you, Russell. (Btdubs, he's laughing cuz of a joke I made. Possibly my proudest moment.)

That might be Tarah Tessica Tarker's Nanny. Honestly, I was taking a pic of her house, not realizing the two ladies w/ the double stroller walking down the sidewalk might be of interest. I call it an odd coincidence that when we rounded the block ten minutes later there happen to be a police van w/ 4 policemen inside sitting in front of the house. Uh...


Amanda said...

Ok...half of those pictures seriously could have been anyone...but I will take you are your word! ;)

And SJP house...or Huxtable house?!? They look pretty much the same to me!!!

Kelli said...

FInally! :) I kinda want to leave a dictation of the text messages I got from you when the whole SJP "situation" went down!

So glad you dodged the Fuzz!

Joy said...

Whatchu talkin' bout, Manda?! Those are CLEARLY celebs Katie was hangin' with!! When I saw Kerry Washington and Anna Wintour in her pics I freaked!

Sara D. said...

Okay. Why does Katie Holmes look like a GIANT in that picture? Is she really 12 feet tall in person?? And I LOVE The September Issue...Mike think's it is the WORST movie ever. We might have different tastes in film.