Wednesday, September 29, 2010

parenting genius.

So, a bit more explanation on the soccer deal is needed. Last fall we put E-beast in gymnastics. It was $40 for 8 weeks. Fine. That’s worth it to me. This fall we looked into the 8 week soccer program. The price of all the programs we found was over $100. Really? 8 weeks, no games, no uniforms, a gaggle of 4 year olds learning how to kick a ball for over $100? David Beckham better be the coach. (I might be over-reacting slightly. Or maybe I just want to spend my Saturday mornings with that soccer candy.) So we left the flyers sitting on the dining room table.

Fast forward to a birthday party for a 4yr old friend where Russ brings up the topic w/ a friend who has 2 boys around E’s age. They hatch a brilliant plan. Brilliant. She found an open field for 8 weeks on Saturdays, found 2 high school soccer players who have run clinics before and were free those 8 weeks and sent the interest email. Within a week, we formed our own soccer program. And now, Eliot’s learning age-appropriate soccer skills for just $15. Learning soccer skills while taking breaks to locate helicopters. Cuz that’s what you do when you’re four. But not for $100.


Brennica Woodcock said...

wow That is genius !! congrats. I want to find your program where I live LOL!!

The Wagners said...