Sunday, April 8, 2007


Well, Easter is over! I still can't believe I'm still here for this major holiday! A friend of mine sent me an email today noting that I'd been here for all the big ones! It's been interesting to say the least! Holy Week here is nuts! Good Friday is the biggest day of the year. All the locals told us to get up early to see all the carpets. They spent all night creating these amazing carpets and when we got out at 6:00 a.m., it seemed we were the last people to get out. The streets were packed!!! There were carpets everywhere we looked and the procession was the biggest one yet. It was a really cool experience, especially since Russ was here to see it w/ us.

We got to have our first Easter together! We put Eliot in a cute little outfit and went to church. We had the traditional Easter meal afterwards of quesadillas and a cheese burger. Then we came back to the house and gave Eliot his first Easter basket. How fun is this part of parenting??? When we gave Eliot his stocking at Christmas, he was still not strong enough to even sit up by himself so taking a stocking apart was not an option but now he's stronger and very interested in new toys, so this was fun! He just made us laugh, silly little man!

Ever since Russ got here, Eliot's little personality is coming out even more! He's getting so much closer to crawling, is much more interested in walking, is copying everything Russ does and is sillier than he's ever been. They have been getting in trouble together, too! There's been several times that Eliot was supposed to be going to sleep or eating his food and refuses to because Dad is so funny. It doesn't matter if Russ is actually doing something fun or not, Eliot just thinks he's funny.

What a blessing that Russ is here. I can't imagine what life will be like once Eliot and I actually get to come home. I absolutely love being Eliot's mom but there's just something about when we're together as a family. It just fits. I'm overwhelmed and so blessed by this time w/ Russ. A huge thank you to those of you who chipped in to send him down here for his birthday!


Anonymous said...

Mariah is in my room (just finishing her MAP testing and needing something to do, I gave her the Mohr blog to read). Bet you are thinking your world has changed.....MAP testing to beautifully decorated carpets and celebrations. Anyway, miles apart we are thinking about you and missing you. We are so glad you had a family Easter. Love, MW and Ms. Z :-)

Anonymous said...

You guys are so beautiful. We are so blessed by your amazing little family!

Joe and Kelli said...

Happy Easter to the Mohr family! Thanks for giving us a glimps into your life. Can't wait to see you in the STL!
Joe, Kelli and Toby