Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Da Da Da Da,
I miss you but mom says I get to come see you very soon. She says that you're going to get up early with me each morning and play for hours! I can't wait! I really liked your pancakes you made for me last time you were here. Maybe next Father's Day I can make some for you. I have been listening to you sing on our computer and can't wait to come to one of your shows, is it okay if I bring my drum along? Thanks for playing catch with me and I can't wait to show you how I can kick the ball now and even catch it with my feet. Don't worry, that might come in handy with baseball, too, not just soccer. I miss you Da Da Da Da, and can't wait to see you! Happy first Father's Day!

Te Amo,


Yesterday I took my Dad hiking up an active volcano! We rode on an old school bus for an hour and a half and got to the base of Volcano Pacaya. Then hiked straight up for the next 2 hours until we got to the dried lava. And they just kept going up so we got to be a few feet from active lava streams as the volcano hissed at us!! It was a great experience for us to have together while he's here for a visit! A tad different from any other father's day we've had together! Yeah, that's right, my dad and I hiked an active volcano yesterday...

P.S. I don't want to ignore the fact that Russ got to do that with our friend Peter last time he was here, too, so here's a picture of him on the same volcano!


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day, Russ -- and Lyle!

I KNOW your dad is having a good Father's Day, Katie. And it is obvious that Russ would just love to be there with Eliot and the gang -- or better yet, have you all home!

NEXT Father's Day, and all the days between then and now, are going to be so extra special for you three, we know.

We have been thinkin' of you all-- all day long. I pulled up your blogs while Grandpa Houston was here today, and showed him all the photos. He said it was fun to see Dawn & Lyle,too.

God Bless.....have a geat day and we hope you can get home soon!!

Luv & prayers, Aunt Pam (Brannon) & our gang

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!
Love you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

cute shirt...