Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yes, we're alive and the 'Rents are here!

My parents arrived yesterday just in time for the rain! We spent the afternoon in the city hoping to get Eliot's passport. We're still waiting for his new birth certificate, so please pray that it happens soon!!

Today I got to show my parents around Antigua a little bit. During our mini-tour we got to be in a 6.8 earthquake. Apparently it was all over the news in the states that it was big and scary but it wasn't that big of a deal. No buildings fell down, no people died, and the phone lines are still intact. My parent's thought a large truck must have driven by! Sorry to disappoint but it was really that lame. There must not have been that much going on in the news elsewhere. Also, keep in mind this is my 9th earthquake since I've been here, three of them being over 6.2.

Eliot's new name is Spazzy McGee as he is completely showing off for his abuelos (grandparents). He's loving them to pieces and I love to see them interact! My dad already taught Eliot how to catch a ball with his feet to stop it like a good little soccer player even while giggling...

I'm blessed to have them here. I'm so very excited that they get to meet Eliot before we come home. So excited that they get to meet him in his native country and so excited that they get to see where I've lived for the last 7 months!


K.M.L said...

Glad those soccer skills are being taught early! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is cheesin it up for his grandparents!!! Glad everyone is ok!!!

Love you!!!

Scott & Melissa Davis said...

I love it and love that your parents are here and contrary to what you might think, I am not orchestrating the delays with El's birth certificate to keep you here longer, but what an amazing idea!! I wouldn't do that to Russ, but selfishly, would love nothing better!!!! Tell the grandparents hello for us and see you soon, friend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi to the 'Rents!
(I'm gonna tell my guys that nickname..easy and clever)...

Anyway, I have been checking all afternoon, hoping you would post a blog. SOOO good to see all of you and see you are all OK. The way I heard about the earthquake here was, I was driving back from Gulf Breeze News after picking up some papers for delivery and it came over the radio -- on CNN radio here. "A 6.8 earthquake just hit Guatamala, and NO phone lines anywhwere. All communication out, and authorities there talking only with radios. There are some people missing, do not know how many, and all high rises and older houses are being evacuated at the moment. AND...authorities are monitoring to see if there will be a Tsunami. More details later."

I pulled into a gas station I was passing and sat there trying to find something else about it on the radio...nothing. So I just said a little -- or BIG prayer -- and kept on going home. AND.. I didn't even know my sister and brother (in law) were already there!

I rushed in to ask your Uncle Chuck if he had heard anything on TV, and there was nothing...until much later, and then not much more than that.

So I thought maybe if the phone lines in your area were not down, or they came back up, you might post.

YAY for blogs!! I was saying little prayers all afternoon. Of course, your Grandpa called to see if I had heard anything about you yet and if you were OK.

And then there you all were, right on my computer screen, looking so happy and Eliot lookin' like he is bein' properly spoiled!! Isn't that what Grand-Rents do???

Thanks for the update. Have fun!! Luv and lots of prayers (hugs to Eliot), Aunt Pam

Lance and Heather said...

Glad you guys are safe! Lance called me in a panic saying there was a HUGE earthquake in Guatemala. We were pulling up maps to locate Antigua. We called the GTCC office to see if they had heard anything from Russ but Beth assured me that you were an earthquake expert and that it was probably no big deal. Enjoy the time with your parents!