Saturday, June 30, 2007

How many, Eliot?

How many days until you're crawling in dog hair on hardwood floors instead of volcanic dust on tile floor? How many days until you're gettting lovingly attacked by two crazy dogs instead of two adorable brown babies (Madie and BellBell) each day? How many days until your mom makes a fool of herself at the airport? How many days until you can growl at daddy? How many days until you're officially an American citizen?


On a different note, please pray for the cases that I've mentioned before. It seems that 2 out of the 5 are hitting more delays than expected (and that's saying a lot!). Each of these brave women have been going through times of hearing no news and now are into hearing bad news. Both of these women have been waiting longer than we have. Please pray pray pray! They just want to be able to take their children home and start their lives with their families and friends.

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Anonymous said...

how many days until Eliot (and you!) get attacked with hugs???