Friday, June 8, 2007

One man's trash is another man's "HOLY COW!"

Is it some sort of faux-pas to blog twice in one day? Forgive me if I've offended you by posting another entry! Russ called today to let me know that he had a quick, but interesting stop at a friend's house this morning. This friend that we have through church connections handed Russ a card with a check inside. Apparently more than 24 families participated in a massive garage sale last weekend in our honor. We are again in a place of being happily overwhelmed. I don't want to commit another faux-pas by telling you how much the check was for, but I will say that people from church must have A LOT of junk.

I can't even begin to think of all the ways we've been blessed through out this process. I know this post is beginning to sound like every other post I make. "everyone's amazing, couldn't have done it w/o all of you, God rocks my face off, how can I say thank you enough, yada yada." However, I really truly mean it each time. It's truly been that amazing, I"m not just acting humble like Melinda from American Idol, I promise.

I love the scene I have in my head of families dropping off box after box of junk and the host family's eyes getting bigger and bigger. While this is grammatically way off, we got served. The Mohr's have gotten their proverbial feet washed more times in the last year than we can even remember. So, again, if it's not too much, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

This is more of a Thank you to the people at Greentree than a message for Katie and Russ. I know alot of you read this so I want to take a moment to sound like Katie.

I want to thank all the people not only from Greentree but everyone who has sacrificially given to the cause of making the Mohr family a little better. It means so much to me as Russ's sister to see how much people care for them and how they will drop everything to help my family!!!

Thank you all so much from the whole Mohr/McCoon family for all you have done to bring Eliot home!!!