Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"The Others"

No, this isn't about season 3 of LOST, but that is on my list of things to do when I get home. This is about those that have been a part of my Antigua life for the last few months. First, a congratulations and goodbye to two ladies who got to go home with their babies last week! Neither of them had a flawless adoption but regardless, they are now home with their children! Congrats Lisa and Maria and enjoy a Target visit for me!

Now comes the second half. There's 5 women that will still be here when I'm enjoying a slurpee and playing with my dogs. It takes some of the fun out of those moments as each of them wants to be home dearly and they don't know when that will happen. While my name was finally called to leave the 'waiting room', I can't help but look back and see each of them patiently waiting to hear their own name called. Each of them would be included in the "troubled adoption" category. Their children are all around the same age as Eliot and each of them are doing this on their own with an occasional visit from family. Please pray for them daily. These women are brave, ridiculously self-sacrificing, and have made the commitment to fight for their children NO MATTER WHAT. This hasn't been easy for any of them and they covet your prayers.

As good fostering moms, each of them has a blog that is linked to mine. Please take a few minutes to encourage them. Melissa, Sharon, Emily, Cheri and Rebecca are their names. I'll let their blogs tell you each of their stories.

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Blessed Mommy said...

Katie, you're sweet to include me in the "Mama's left behind"... but PTL - check out my blog (finally good news). Not that I'm expecting a speedy PINK, but I sure am praying!! love seeing all the pics of Eliot, just too cute!