Tuesday, July 3, 2007

All smiles.

Eliot's smile says one thing: THE ADOPTION IS COMPLETE!!!! I picked up his Visa yesterday!

I had no idea how much I'd been holding my breath until 4:00 yesterday. My mind is still in disbelief. It's over. It's really over. There hasn't been a day in the last 17 months that I haven't wondered when this would all come to a conclusion, that I haven't prayed that he would be ours soon, that we could be a family (legally). Eliot's never been so cute. I've never felt such relief and joy. I can't wait to share this with all of you at home! See you soon, with our son!


K.M.L said...

AWESOME!!!! Finally we'll see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you gusy! God is so good! Michelle Witt

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July!! Fireworks are going off in all of the hearts who know you!! I am over joyed!!