Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To work or not to work?

Last week I was made aware of a possible job opportunity. At one of the schools I've already worked for in the past there was possibility of a part-time second grade teaching position. In my opinion that's pretty much as perfect as it gets. Second grade is a fun grade to teach and there's no MAP test. Part-time is ideal in that you get your teaching 'fix' while still being able to have a life! Not only that but this school has an on-site daycare so if Russ was unable to watch Eliot, he could just come to work with me. It sounded ideal except for the fact that I would be leaving Eliot for half the week. I felt odd going to a movie and dinner with friends last night, I can't imagine how I'd do going back to work. (p.s. I got charged the student discount at the movie last night! 30 is the new 20, right? Thanks Arbonne!)

I sent my resume in and we started to pray. I really didn't feel as though I was supposed to go back to work but we need the financial support. I've restarted my Arbonne business but it may take a little while to build it back up to where it was before I left. So I began to wonder, was this the perfect provision from God or the perfect temptation to doubt that the Lord could provide without me returning to work. Blah. So my prayer changed to, "Lord, either slam the door shut or open it widely with blazing trumpets and banners."

So, on Monday I heard that the job wasn't available after all. The Lord answered my prayer. Then today I was cleaning (purging, reorganizing) my home office and found my 'dream board'. This was an activity I did with Arbonne almost two years ago. You basically cut out pictoral representations of everything you want to be included in your dream life. On this board was a phrase from a magazine that read "I'll miss you, Mommy" with a big red X through it. Again, just confirmation that I really want to stay at home with Eliot and it's been my dream for a long time. It's surprising to me how quickly I forget how God provides. He provided a way for me to build up my business before that surpassed my teaching income and it would be a little odd for me to throw in the towel now that we actually have what we've been fighting so hard for. So, back on the horse we go. Anyone need to buy some Arbonne?


Amanda said...

Let me know when you are coming and we will start talking the Arbonne Party up!!!! We are really hoping to find a handful of people who will REALLY NEED ARBONNE!!!!!

Rebecca and Shannon said...

You know, I need Arbonne. I'm not even sure what all that entails, but I need it.

Anonymous said...

Hey your info. I am interested in buying some.

Belle said...

I need Arbonne! I'm in Tennessee and could buy it here......but if you're willing to sell long distance then I'm willing to buy. :) I believe in the reasons you're selling and working your business.

Found your blog a few months ago and have been following ever since. :)

Jody Cheek

Anonymous said...
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