Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sprinkler park and Birthday party

Lisa and Charlotte invited us to the sprinkler park that is new to town! They have a playground, a sandbox, the sprinklers and swings! Eliot wasted no time digging into that sand and even tried to eat a couple handfuls! Errrrr! Teething, anyone? He was a little unsure of the unpredictable sprinklers so we opted to just go to the swings after a little while.

Then on Saturday we spent the afternoon at a birthday pool party for little Fisher! I can't believe he's one already! It was great to catch up with great friends and see how much the kids have grown! I'm pretty sure I didn't stop smiling the whole time as I watched Eliot interacting with my friends and their kids!

By the way, we did get the video of our "5 minutes of fame" from the news of us coming home. We're working on getting it uploaded onto the blog so you can all see it!


Anonymous said...

so where is that sprinkler park? SO fun!! I'm so glad Fisher finally got to meet his friend! I can't wait for the next play date to watch them interact :).

Anonymous said...

Your tan looks amazing! :) We miss you, tons!~Sharon, Irene, and Bella

Scott & Melissa Davis said...

You updated your blog for me alone, didn't you!! You knew that you knew that I wanted to wake up and see El this morning and you have gone and updated!! You are a true friend and I LOVE the pictures!!!! Miss you like there is no tomorrow!
Mel and Madi!

heather said...

Hey, where can I find that new park? (well, they're all new to me I guess LOL!)

I took the kids out to meet Ryan for lunch today at the west county mall and we went over to the Des Peres park. Kind of disappointed in the "sprinklers" there. Maybe it was just that it was such a small area and LOTS of kids!!

We are all about the water play, (and Sawyer is all about the sand) so I'd love to check out that park!