Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hind sight

Cooling temperatures (in STL that means 80's but I'll take it!), football season up and running, meeting at Starbucks with a couple friends while wearing a comfy grey hoody and drinking a peppermint latte, oh my dear friends....fall is coming. Being a native Michigander, this time of year is my favorite. It takes St. Louis a little longer to get to the true autumn weather but I still love it just as much. I love long sleeves, jeans and boots. I love pumpkin bread (katie B recipe, of course) and making an enormous pot of chili. Sleeping under a throw blanket on a Sunday afternoon watching football is officially on the schedule and this year it's 10X more amazing.

Besides the fact that this season was cut short for me last year as I moved to the land of eternal spring, this year I have a sweet little brown baby to cuddle with me. My heart is as full as my arms. I'm blessed beyond measure.

Yesterday Margie asked me if knowing what I know now if I'd do it again or choose an easier adoption, if I'd had the choice. Being home 2 months already, I can say that I wouldn't change a thing. Eliot is that amazing. If I had to deal with all that drama and make that degree of sacrifice, just to get this little chocolate chip, I would do it again without a doubt. Even not counting getting Eliot as the final reward, the experience was unmatchable. Even the pain. Had we been "scoopers" a year ago like originally planned, there's a lot that we would have missed out on. So I'm thankful. I'm a better mom, wife and friend because of it all and that's only a fraction of the fruit of this experience. The Lord was and is so good.


Anonymous said...

i love hearing your thoughts - emh

Blessed Mommy said...

we're already down to the 60's (and 50's) here in IL, I think the girls still don't know what to think.. they are not used to wearing such warm clothes :) I was just thinking today about how much FUN winter (and SNOW) are going to be!!!

Erin said...

stop it! stop, stop, stop it! how is it that you always manage to make my cry.

enough, already.

Amanda said...

I am glad to hear you say that...I would not trade the times that I wished I could just pick up the phone and call my sister-in-law to share what was going on or hop on and plane to STL and spend a girls weekend together. It was all worth it so that I can have that little brown nephew for the rest of my life!!! I love you guys!!! The only thing I wish now is that we lived closer so I could spend more time with the three of you!!!

Aunt Manda

Gina said...

Such wise and poignant reflections, Katie. I would love to walk with you and here more about this journey with your "chocolate chip" (hee hee) and shed some 'baby weight'. I have every morning but Fridays free. 314-495-5604. Happy weekend!