Monday, May 5, 2008

Big Month for FE!

Spring is officially here, the tulips are in full bloom, no air conditioning is needed yet, children are found outside playing, and you need some great music to enhance that windows-rolled-down-sunglasses-on-trip-in-the-car. Well, it just so happens that I know of a new CD coming out May 23 that you might be interested in. FE (Fundamental Elements) is Russ' band and they have an incredible new album. Here's the info on the release party:

AND!!!! Yes, And!!! They're participating in a battle of the bands that’s happening inside Busch Stadium on Wednesday, May 28th at 5:30pm before the Cards game vs the Houston Astros in the Ford Plaza (behind the center field bleachers). Here’s how you can help. As a participant of the “battle”, the St. Louis Cardinals have given them a group of tickets in section 232 of the ballpark where FE fans can sit and enjoy the baseball game all together. These tickets are normally $34, but they’re able to get them to you for the crazy good price of just $20 each. You can buy the tickets online by going to the FE website or just buy them off Russ or me.

So fun!! I'm just a little excited about this! We've been listening to the album for the last couple weeks (band-wife privilege) and it's g.r.e.a.t.! Hope to see you at one of these fun shows!!


Ferris Family said...

9PM is too close to my bedtime... Can I just mail a check somewhere for my copy of the album?

Deb said...

We so wish we could be there! We definitely want to purchase a CD!

Unknown said...

danget I wish I could go...stupid wedding!jk jk

Blessed Mommy said...

how can we (non-st. louis folks) get a cd?

Anonymous said...

So, do I need to reserve a copy of the CD or do you know somewhere I can get one?