Saturday, May 24, 2008

Subbing Story 7

(Yes, we're still in school. Got a couple more weeks left. Blah.)

This was a teaching first for me...still shaking my head about this one.

Boy J brought a Mardi Gras beaded necklace that was broken into the individual beads to school on Thursday. The boys in this second grade room each got to hold a bead for the day. (Not sure why that was the cool thing for the day,but whatever.) Of course the beads became a distraction so I gave the predictable teacher instruction of "...if I see any more beads today, I'll..."

Fast forward to several hours later while the Spanish teacher was giving his lesson, Boy D came up to me playing with his nose. (Feel free to guess what happens next) Here's the conversation:

Boy D:
Mrs. Mohr, I think I have something in my nose.
Me: like a booger or some thing?
Not having seen the beads after the teacher threat hours ago, it took me second to put two and two together.
Me: D, where is the bead J gave you this morning?
Boy D: I think it's in my nose.
Me: You think it's in your nose, or it is in your nose?
Boy D: It's in my nose.
Me: Go to the nurse right now and keep your fingers out of your nose.

Five minutes later the phone rings...

Nurse: Mrs. Mohr, D's mom is coming to take him to the doctor, can you send someone with his things? We weren't able to get the bead out of his nose.
I hang up the phone and say: J, collect ALL your beads right now and I'll return them after school.
Boy J: Why?
Boy R: 'cuz D got his stuck up his nose.
Boy J, shaking his head: There's something wrong with that kid.
Boy C: Mrs. Mohr, what are they going to do to D to get it out?
Before I can answer, Boy C answers himself: I'll bet they have to cut his nose off to get to it.
Girl K: I'll bet they just cut his whole head off.
Boy S: Is D going to have surgery?
Boy C: Mrs. Mohr, can I call you "Bubbles?"
Me: What?!
Girl T: If D has surgery, will he miss school for the rest of the year?
Boy M: Mrs. Mohr, I think I'm starting puberty.

And to follow up, on Friday I asked D what happened. Now, I can't say what I would do as the mom here since we've not ventured into this territory yet. So, that being said, here's what they did:

Mom took him home first to see if she could extract the bead herself. She tried the following items: ice pick, corkscrew and stick with tape on the end. Then Dad came home and according to D, "tried to drown him" by using water to remove it. At this point they took him to the Urgent Care.


K.M.L said...

That is hilarious!!!! Mike and I were cracking up at the dialogue. Love it! :) We have a couple more weeks too! :(

Heather said...

oh my. just...oh my.

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

You brighten my day!!

Heather S. said...

Oh my goodness! I laughed out loud! My nephew did the same thing a few weeks ago - he's 4. My sister took him straight to the urgent care.

The Wagners said...

Absolutely spendiferous! Made me LOL multiple times, "Bubbles". Kind of fits you...


TheOilHippie said...

Hilarious story - but actually quite serious. Very bad things can happen if an obect stuck up ones nose gets sucked up too far.

The after comments from your class had me rolling. From what kind of brains do these questions appear?????

JenSage said...

Laughing so hard right now at this. However, being the Mom of a boy who put corn up his nose this past year I feel for the parents. Our son's Urgent care visit to have it "removed" was less than fun so I can send them some empathy. Amazing how fast infection can set in when you block up the system too.
Fun for your future.

Virginie said...

hilarious!!! but seriously, is this what we have to look forward to??!!

Anonymous said...

As the mother of a 3 year old boy, I have had much experience with things up the nose. A popcorn kernel, corn, tart n tiny candies, Polly Pocket shoes, and most recently a toy tractor tire. I always go for the tweezer extraction! Works every time!


Kym said...

And to think, in a few short years these will be my precious little friends!