Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FE recap!

If you missed these events, you missed out! Russ had his CD release party on Friday and then the Battle of the Bands competition at Busch Stadium tonight. The release party was amazing. The energy was high, the room was packed and the new CD's were flying off the table! It was so fun! The guys did so great! If you didn't get one yet, you can order it off It won't be on itunes for a couple weeks. Here's a few pics from our two fun nights! Thanks to all who could and did come out and support FE!

The FundeesUndies!!! They're so great!

CJ before his big debut!

The FE family sans FundeesUndies Junior Chapter

The attempt at the self-photo!


Deb said...

So did you hear about our small world meeting of Joe's wife's (I don't know her first name) parents at Midway Airport in Chicago? If not, ask me to tell you sometime... crazy story.

Amanda said... the question that you did not answer is...How did they do in the Battle of the Bands????

Eliot looks so big sitting in those pics. I am so ready to see you guys!!!!