Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Those ladies in St. Louis were brilliant. Whatever made them think of creating Build-a-bear was nothing short of genius.

For the combined reasons of crazy cold temps, gift certificate from baby shower 2 years ago, and looking for something fun to do while fam was in town a few weeks ago, we found our way to one of the many St. Louis locations.

Eliot loved it. As usual, he was hesitant to jump right in and just took it all in on his time. He chose a dog (big shock) and gave it a kiss, a heart, a bath and a name. A special name.

Without further ado, meet "Puppy".

Puppy getting somewhat offensively stuffed. Eliot is right to look away. Who wants to see that? Yikes, people.

He's in love. With dragging it around with Daisy's leash. It never gets old. I'm beginning to think that was a gift for Daisy, not Eliot. She finally gets a break.

Maybe Puppy can hang out with Jerry sometime soon?


Laura said...

Eliot really loves dogs! But seriously...who doesn't?! Jack & I need to come visit soon. They were BFFs this summer. We'll make it happen soon.

Amanda said...


Amanda said...

he is way too cute!! the dog is pretty cute too!

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

That's alot of cuteness. Gabi also calls all her stuffed dogs 'puppy'.

It seems you are safer out of the house than in it at the moment :o)