Friday, January 30, 2009

All Aboard..

...for the potty train. (Imagine a cool loop with my amazing voice and unmatched rhythm for that little ditty there.)

That's right. Two hours down, a lifetime to go. Not sure if there's a honeymoon period on the potty train but so far everything has gone where it's supposed to. Why wouldn't it when Spiderman's on your toosh!?

No pictures. Sorry. Some things are not for the mass public. =)


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

When are y'all going this summer?!!

Anonymous said...

Our 20y/o daughter is really wanting to spend some time in an orphanage this Summer. Are you going with a group or on your own? she has been 3 times already with our 2 lil Guatemala babies and really has a heart. I know it is not real safe right now, so just wondered. Thank you! Lisa K.