Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dramatic flair to motivate you.

I have something REAAAALLLLYYYY FUN to announce!

Don't tell anyone, but I'm growing my hair out. That's not even my announcement, but it's related. Stay with me, people. The ONLY reason I would even consider a 'hair goal' is because of one thing.


I met Ninfa years ago and my life has been forever changed. She is my hair spouse. I have mated for life. Like a lobster.

To be honest: there was once an unfortunate incident with a blond named Hannah, her trendy shiny scissors lured me from my loyalties. There will never be another story like that one for this girl. I. am. committed.

Ninfa knows my hair needs before I do. I have complete confidence in her and her mad skills. We have a long established agreement: I'm there to read magazines, she's there to do hair, and that includes the decision making. I love it.

So, yeah...

the announcement.

Are you ready?

(So exciting!)

Tonight while enjoying my pampering at Ninfa's, I asked her if she'd let me run a special to my friends if they wanted to try her skills. AND SHE SAID YES!!

PEOPLE! Peeeeepullllll!!! I didn't expect her to say yes.

this. is. your. chance.

Here's your deal: if you book your appointment by the end of September for an appointment in Sept, Oct, or Nov, you'll get to choose between two free treatments: a shine treatment or a deep conditioning.

Did you just pee?

It's priceless. (priceless in the sense {cents} that you AREN'T PAYING FOR IT even though it costs money)

So, yeah, call Strands Salon and when you book your life changing appointment with Ninfa, use promocode: KatieRocks. 314-725-1717.

One last thought to motivate you: (insert really dramatic voice) your hair cut/style is the accessory you wear EVERY DAY. Every day. Take it seriously.


Blessed Mommy said...

you are the cutest :) wish i was closer - she sounds great!!

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

It's a little to far from NJ, although your hair always looks great. Love how you always make everything sound so exciting. You have such a way with words!!

Laura Stern said...

ok, i always love your hair... and i was just thinking today that i need a hairstylist that i can get to know.

so, how much does she charge for a haircut and how much for a color. i can't do anything too pricey.

thanks for the info. and, you're blogs are always so fun to read :)

Bill and Melodie said...

you crack me up!

Unknown said...

Katie- I think I will call her!
I need someone to help me manage my hair as it is coming in from chemo. I would love to give her the decision making about my "in-coming" hair..hahahahahah
It is getting kind of that wild look..:)
Thanks for the tip!!

The Wagners said...

You are one funny gal...

M and J said...

You are hilarious! I miss you and wish you were closer...are you sure you don't want to move to Alaska?