Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Holy fun weekend, Batman!

(not pictured: Batman.)

P.S. Still a few days to guess the famous duo... (the p.s. before the post is the new trend, just so you know.) Click here to guess.

Russ's cousin, Joy, and my college friend, Julie, were both in town this weekend. We went straight up VIP. We got tickets to the Rams game (pre-season game, technically) Friday night, hit the zoo Saturday morning where I totally tattled on two families for petting the penguins, then Saturday night we got a great sitter and went to The Fabulous Fox to see Mary Poppins, followed of course, by Ted Drews. Joy works for Disney, so this was technically a work trip for her w/ us on the side like a great batch of cheese dip (also involved in the weekend)(don't worry, my dairy accountability friends, it was so processed there's little chance of dairy really being involved).

The highlight of the Rams game was when they announced "We'd like to thank Russell for supporting the Rams cheerleaders!"

Joy showing us her name in the program! She's so famous! And so hot, hello!

Not to name drop, but yeah, that's right, that's Mary freakin' Poppins. She's really nice, just so you know.

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Joy said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! But you forgot to add that you worked some Arbonne magic on Julie and myself (as seen in the pic where the eye makeup wasn't actually too heavy at all!!)