Monday, August 3, 2009

My boys.

Last night Russ and I were on the laptops, watching tv, everything normal. We hear "MOM!" I assume Eliot has fallen out of his bed which is normally why he would be screaming in the middle of the night. When I walked into his room, however, he wasn't rolled up in his blanket on the floor as usual, he was sitting up in bed still asleep. I kind of giggled a little bit because I thought he was sleep talking, which if you remember, delights me.

So, giggling, I walked over to lay him back down. As I approached the bed, Eliot karate chopped his pillow and then fell into it. I wasn't sure if I really saw what I saw but then he started to sit back up, samurai chopping the air only to crash back into his pillow again. He definitely sliced into the wall one more time before I finally closed the door.

Upon returning to the living room and attempting to tell Russ what just happened, Russ explained that Eliot must have needed back-up.

I love my boys.

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janel. said...

This story is way too cute :)