Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Follow up, please expedite.

Sunday at church, a friend asked what job I took. She's a faithful blogee (shout out Sharon M!). She asked if I was working at AmerenUE (our local Electrical company) which truly made me LOL*.

"Where are you working?" is the first question I've been hearing. "What about Arbonne?" is the second and "What happened to teaching?" being the third. While I would love to give you every detail of my new gainful employment, I also want to keep my mystery...it keeps ya coming back. Know that I don't work for AmerenUE but I did note that the firetruck driving by me this morning was for sure not using the 36volt rotating light because they don't make them. Also, please know that my Dad has never been so proud. Well, actually he's always proud of me(except for that mailbox incident), it's just that we have even more to talk about now.

What about Arbonne? Oh, no worries, I'm a lifer. I'd be crazy not to. I'm still making great money and heading to Cancun in just a couple months. I'll still be rockin' the home parties like it's 1999, only with better hair. No botanically-based worries, peeps. Come down off your aging skin ledges. We're just needing an extra financial push. My new "boss" is actually one of my most faithful clients.

And teaching. Hmmmm. Great question. To be honest, I did interview for a full-time position. And I realized half way through the interview that based on my answers, I wouldn't hire me. The interview took place about 24 hours after deciding to go back to work and my head wasn't fully around the idea quite yet, and that became pretty obvious to everyone in the room. They already had a great candidate for the job vs. me telling them how much I loved being a stay-at-home mom. Hmmm. Shortly after that interview I was contacted by my new boss about this job. There was something about answering phones, processing orders, and sales reports that sounded nice compared to report cards, constantly grading papers while hoping to play with Eliot, parent/teacher conferences, etc. While this new position is important for the success of the company, I'm not ON DEMAND like I am while teaching. Teaching is amazing and rewarding but also drains me. I love it to a fault. I knew I couldn't give 100% to Eliot and Russ if I was bringing work home. So, that's how I ended up here, where I use the word "expedite" often and sit in wonderment at the drama that unfolds daily in the electrical world. You people have no idea.

Thanks for asking, thanks for reading and thanks for just being you. Now go hug a teacher, buy her/him a gift card to Panera just for the work they've already done for your kids before school even starts and the commitment they make to make sure your kid is about to have an amazing year.

* I do not support or encourage the use of LOL by people over 30. Please overlook. This was a first and a last momentary lack of discernment mainly there to make Sharon F and Melissa D feel special and loved.


Sharon said...

Feeling special.

the greenough's said...

WOW!! I never thought of you being anything but a mom and a teacher!!! That's awesome for you though!! Congrats...and I hope you are still enjoying your KATIE time (aka lunch hour)!!!

erin said...

You are so funny. Can't wait to read that book you are working on because you are a good writer!

Dan and Amanda said...

Katie you crack me up. I always leave your blog scratching my head and saying huh?