Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Input and suffixes.

Firstly, thanks for all the encouragement (i.e. talking me off the 'WHY-ISN'T-MY-KID'fill-in-the-blank ledge). You guys are the best. I will, uh, tell my friend about your suggestions.

Secondness, please know, we have a stinky ginko tree in front of our house that has lovingly bestowed it's fruit all over our front walk and yard. And, frankly, there's no easy way to say this: it stinketh. The fruit is desribed as "attractive in appearance, but contains butanoic acid (also known as butyric acid) and smells like rancid butter (which contains the same chemical) or feces when fallen." My point in sharing this? I was simply looking for an excuse to tell you that Eliot yells "Poopy balls!" everytime we leave or arrive at the house. Entertainingment.

Thirding, while browsing a new blog, I enjoy a section off to the side that highlights reader 'favorites'. I'm thinking of adding such a section and was curious as to what posts have stuck out to you for whatever reason. Was it funny, heartfelt, cute Eliot story, good hair day, whathaveyou? Feel free to experiment with your suffixes when you respond.


amanda said...

hahaha poop balls! i am totally laughing out loud at that. hilarious. : )

The Busters said...

Those trees are the worst! They were all over my college campus. I like the idea of the favorite posts. I have a couple - I am not sure if these are the correct titles but here it goes:
Psalm of Lament
The one when you first got home with all the pics from the airport homecoming.
Your call to adoption (I think you were still in Guatemala)
That's just my two cents! :)

Kelsey Lantz said...

SICK! we had one of those on our campus and I always had the class way out on the other end so that I couldn't avoid it and had to walk right through the nastiness every morning....