Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'While You Were Out' throwback!

Remember that show?? Eliot and I did a little version of it ourselves this week. Russ was o.u.t. so we took matters into our own hands. Since moving into this condo, our bedroom has been my least favorite room. We've not done much {read: ANY} decorating to this place. Sometimes looking at white walls everyday makes me want to bang my head against said walls.

Have tape, will work. For candy.

What, you don't paint sans pants?

Here's a few 'Afters':

I'm not 100% done, we still need new pillows and curtains but those will come. For now, it feels a lot more homey, a lot more intentional if that makes any sense.


Rebecca said...

I like it! I love brown paint in bedrooms. It does look warm.

erin said...

Ooh I like that color. Nice work! I for one always paint sans pants.

Jen said...

Amazing what a coat of paint can do!

heather said...

Love that color. And I love being reminded of the difference a simple coat of paint can make in a room!
Looks great :)

Amanda said...

well, I love it... if my opinion counts!

The Wagners said...