Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov 2

IT'S A NABLOPOMO MIRACLE, I tell you, A NABLOPOMO MIRACLE! I was attempting to join the blogging movement but stealth-like a ninja. But then last night the unthinkable happened, causing me to emerge and share the good news.

Eliot did a somersault.

This is babybook material. This is blog material. This is Olympics material.

Whether it was candy-induced or just Eliot looking for the perfect opportunity to unveil his secret talent, the gymnastics observer made me speechless.

Remember this post and this picture?

I'm not exaggerating when I say this is how he has spent the majority of his time during class. Once I heard that this next week is our last week, my hopes and goal of Eliot learning how to somersault were dashed.

So, last night, we're at a friends house. E was being a nutcase since technically it's almost an hour past his bedtime thanks to Daylight savings. Since he was already in performance mode, I said, "Hey, show them what you learned at gymnastics" and without hesitation, he bent over and did a somersault.

Jaw to the floor.

I've never been so proud. He may as well have fed all the hungry in Uganda with how much my heart swelled.

And that, my friends, is a NaBloPoMo miracle.

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howie mama said...

That is too funny. We have been in gymnastics for WEEKS and he refuses to do anything close to a somersalt. I was hoping he would walk away with something-anything from the class. Now I have hope-LOL!