Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol.2

Warning! We had a PACKED weekend, hence, the PACKED bit-o-weekend post. We had Russ all weekend and we squeezed every.last.minute. out of it.

Making choco-banana bread!

Battling Tops! Eliot's new obsession! It's a family thing...

Russ and I snuck out after bedtime to see Alice in 3D complete with these rad glasses. We LOVED it!!!

We spent Saturday morning watching this family of pigeons building a nest outside one of our windows. It was super sweet.

Then we got all dressed up and headed east for the St. Patty's Day parade. Eliot kept arguing that it was St. LOUIS! Not St. Patrick. Apparently there's only one St. in town.

The Duggins joined us!

Yes, friends, that's green eye shadow.

Cute friend Sarah and hubby Nick (hubby not pictured) met us down there.

Hello, city attitude.

MY FAV, MY FAV, MY FAV! Okay, Russ has this tacky green suit coat and when we decided to dress up crazy for the day, this seem like tacky-perfection. THEN! THEN! There was this whole section of men walking in the parade with the same jackets on. So, Russ ran down the road and joined in for a few feet. Killed. Me.

This was right before the lightening bug ate my family.

Needing to warm up after the parade, we swung by McD's and got Eliot's first Shamrock Shake!

Let me just take a moment to honor this moment in history. There are a few moments that happen between a man and son that are significant. This would be one. Eliot, welcome to Carls.

Please enjoy Eliot's face. Ahhhhmazing.

This was E's "Poker Face" after I sang a little Lady Gaga to him while waiting for Dad at the gas station.

Eliot's turn w/ the camera!

Who doesn't take a superhero w/ them to the grocery store?

In the spirit of Forced Family Fun Night: we did Meatball Night!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Two forks up from this fam! (That doesn't sound quite right)

This was our first Family Fun night like this blog. It was rather spontaneous so we didn't get all that creative this time.

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amanda said...

i love it. all of it. and all of you. cutest family ever. my only complaint is that i was not invited. which i'm going to assume is only because im so far away. {just let me keep believing that.} haha

Blessed Mommy said...

LOL - russ in the parade cracked me up! and El is way, way too cute!!!

Michelle said...

What a fun weekend! I think my favorite is the superhero helping you grocery shop:-)

Krystal said...

i took this idea from your blog and from six in the city, really like it, check out my bit o weekend.

Amanda said...

I love this!!! And what the heck took you so long to introduce your son to Carl's? Next time I come can we PLEASE go to CARL's? That sounds so good right now!!

No pics with Laura & Dane? Didn't they come to spend part of Saturday with you?