Friday, April 30, 2010

Gray day.

Today is blah. Yesterday was beautiful outside but a yucky day. During my lunch hour I went to the park to eat my lunch. And by 'park' I mean the parking lot smack in the middle of Target and Hobby Lobby. Yep, I was the awkward girl sitting alone in the car in the back of the parking lot looking happily from left to right as I slurped on my strawberry lime-aide. Then I did one thing that always makes me happy in a probably unhealthy way: I bought a gray cotton t-shirt ($6, V-neck w/ pocket @ Target, people!Go!). I have a little bit of a co-dependency with gray cotton. I love it (wear it) in the best of times and especially the worst of times. It has been my default for y.e.a.r.s.

So, for you on this gray day in the STL, I give you: gray cotton.

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These last 2 are from Anthro.


Dan and Amanda said...

I have that very gray shirt from Target...LOVE IT!

heather said...

I love gray! Especially in my wardrobe. Even when other people say it's blah and depressing... I think it's soothing and the ultimate in versatility. Love it.
Not in the weather or the mood though.
Hope next week brightens up for you Katie!

Anonymous said...

Heart me some gray :) That knit purse is incredible!! It's totally fun to dress like the weather sometimes! xx M

Jen N. said...

I know exactly what you mean about your love of gray shirts. I just got my go-to shirt at Target last week, too. Mine is a black v-neck t-shirt with just a smidge of spandex. It's a must in the wardrobe.
P.S. I found your blog through Erin Duggin and Katie Schaefer's blogs. Katie was one of my roomies and I lived across the street and took art classes with Erin at Truman St.. Oh...and I also know Emily and Jimmy Armstrong from school, too! I live in Denver now so I keep up with them through their blogs - such a small world!