Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Remember when I gave Russ 12 dates for Christmas a year ago? Remember when the last you heard of this was 7/12? Remember when Russ got a job in August that claimed every weekend after that? Remember when I scheduled a ziplining date for the same month as hunting season so they said we couldn't go?

There's still 3-4 dates that are still waiting to happen, so we're not quite done. And for the record, we did date during the last 4 months, it just was same ol', same ol' type stuff we could do on a weeknight.

However, I'd been waiting and waiting for Decembers. The best for last!
We scheduled a reservation for a dining experience called Entre Underground. Russ used to work for the guy who runs it and we've always talked about going but never made it.

When you sign up, the menu and location are unknown. They change every time the event is held. The day of the event you get an email with both. To be honest, looking at the menu I was not very excited. I would never choose to eat 85% of what was listed. But nevertheless was excited for date night, especially right before Christmas.
Did I just eat purple cauliflower soup and freakin' love it? Did smoke just come out of that smoke infused cranberry with the foie gras creme brulee? What?

We showed up and to our surprise we were at the childhood home of T.S. Eliot. The owners gave us a the tour and then dinner started. That lasted 4 hours. And was without a doubt, the best meal I've ever eaten. The people at our table were fascinating, the food was perfection, the house amazing.

I can't say enough about this experience. It's an unforgettable evening, a great memory maker.

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