Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wanna see me run in a full costume for 13.1 miles?

If you saw this post you know that I'm running another half. This time I'm using my commitment for good, for a bigger cause than justifying my ice cream habit.

As also mentioned before, my friend Erin and her fam are in the process of adopting from Uganda. It's oh-so-appropriate in a it-all-comes-full-circle kinda way that this is the avenue in which I'm offering her my help.

Erin taught me to run.

A gazillion years ago I was getting lazier and unhappy and Erin was the perfect friend in that season. She was an experienced runner and created a C25K for me before those existed. I couldn't even run for 3 straight minutes when Erin took me under her wing. My fav memory was her running next to me and I was CONVINCED I.was.dying and couldn't run the next ten seconds and she started SHOUTING AT ME in the park as loud as she could to KEEP RUNNING. People thought I was getting attacked. They called 911. (that part may be falsified.)

Now, 4 half marathons later, I have her to thank.
And now she needs my help. To bring home her son from Uganda.

Done and done.

Here's where you come in:

I'm running the half marathon here in St. Louis in April. I start training on Sunday. (12 week running sched, thankyouhalhigdon) Let me be clear: EVERY PENNY YOU DONATE GOES TO THEIR ADOPTION EXPENSES. I'm paying for the race out of pocket, etc.

You have three options:

1. Pledge $X.XX/mile of the RACE. (13.1 miles) i.e. $1/mile= $13.10, $10/mile would be $131.00 or anything in between or more or less.

2. Pledge a set amount.

3. Pledge nothing but run it yourself on my "team" and gather pledges from your peeps.

Here's where your entertainment comes in:
If I collectively raise:

$200: I'll wear silly socks
$500: I'll wear silly socks and a tutu.
$1000: I'll wear silly socks, a tutu, and something silly on my head
$2000: I'll wear a full costume of the donor's choice (there will be a vote) (appropriate choices only, duh.)

Contact me ASAP to join in the fun! katie l mohr @ g mail. Pledge commitments due by January 31. Pledge payments can come later.

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