Monday, January 28, 2013

Hoarding vs. helping?

If you didn't happen to see it, "Clean basement/create foster resource" was listed on my resolutions for '13.

Here's the thing: we've lived in this apartment for over 4 years and instead of going through the items in the basement and being intentional with them, we've just sort of spread ourselves out and added more crap.

Our basement has lots of space. Our basement has lots of crap.

Or it did, I should say. I've been working a few hours a week down there. Throwing stuff away, adding to the very large donation pile in the corner, selling stuff on Craigslist, giving other stuff away.

I've had this on my to-do list for 4 years. But now I'm actually doing something about it. (that doesn't include throwing a lit match down there and running for it.)

One day it clicked. I could actually use my basement for good (a foster resource) instead of evil (hoarding).

Our church has a growing orphan care ministry that I'm blessed to be apart of. While we don't feel like we're supposed to foster in this season of life, we want to support those that can. Over the last few months I've encouraged moms of young kids to keep their stuff they would normally sell or give away and wait for someone to need it, thinking "If only we had a space we could house and organize it all..."

Captain Obvious reporting for duty!

That's been the magic motivation I needed. I've got plans. I've got dreams. Maybe this is my Space Jam...


Here's where I help you, help me, help them!

I need your stuff! Have you and your fam decided you were "done"? Still have boxes of baby clothes?

I'll never forget January of 2011 when we were suddenly readying to adopt a newborn and didn't have anything for him. You guys rallied like no other. I still remember sitting in the nursery going through bags and bags of stuff people gave us and crying. (not because it was ugly, but because everyone was so generous. Just needed to clarify...)

This will *hopefully* be an on-going ministry. So, keep us in mind as you pack up stuff your kids are growing out of. Fo real.


Wynne Elder said...

Wow! Lve that

Laura said...

Excellent use of the phrase Space Jam! When the Hubs and I clean our basement during Lent I shall save the extra special stuff for your basement.

tammylxhiggins said...

Amazing idea!!

Carey said...

From reading your blog for many years, I thought of you when I saw this video.