Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Instagram so I'll remember.

I have a terrible memory.

My brother will bring up some story from our childhood and I have absolutely no recollection of any part of it. I recently posted a pic of my 6th grade class on Facebook and most of us were tagged in it and started sharing memories. I didn't remember even half of them.

It's terrible. I'm the best person to confide secrets to since I won't remember them long enough to gossip them.

I sometimes worry (People Pleaser alert!) that I overwhelm people on my Instagram, Facebook or blog feeds with pics and stories of my kids. (I obviously don't care enough to slow down.)
Yes, I'm obsessed with my family but I also want to remember every single detail. I know they're growing up crazy fast and even though I'm excited for the stages to come, I want to remember how obsessed Dez was with spoons for a month straight, and how SERIOUS Eliot's face gets when he plays noise on guitar (we're not calling it music quite yet...).
My average follower (that sounds super weird) looks at them for a second and then moves on. I look at them constantly. Over and over. I sometimes go back and read my blog from this month 5 years ago, just to remember Eliot at the stage Dez is in. I don't blog/IG/FB for my peeps. I do it for me. I'd rather have too many to look back on than not enough.
I also kinda consider myself our historian. I want the boys to be able to look back and enjoy seeing pics of everyday life, as much as they want to. I want them to see themselves at every stage. I want them to see Russ and I dating each other and taking silly pics with them.
I want my posts to fill in the blanks of their stories as best they can.


Amanda said...

I'm obsessed with them too!! I am glad you do this because I kind of think it is for me too since I don't get to be a part of everyday life with my nephews! Keep 'em coming!

annieglan said...

I'm pretty sure you were talking about me in this post. I too have the worst memory. It's a laughing joke amongst my friends.. I would put money on it that Alzheimer's will be a part of my life. So I take and take and take more pictures. I never want my kids to forget any part of their childhood. I need to get better about taking pictures of their day to day and not just when we are out and about.

kc whitney said...

I 100% agree!!! Have to document life!! I recently started doing "smash books" (i like the ones you can find from Target by K&Company - especially the 365 folio) you should look into them - not sure if that's something you would enjoy. But they are fun!! And I am so excited to look back on them!