Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coffee catch-up chat...

*Eliot has gone through another 'growth' spurt of sorts. He's on his way to his 12th tooth. Yes, 12. He's gotten the last six within just the last few weeks. He did this for the first round of 6 also. I don't get it.

* I discovered diapers.com. The prices are amazing!! Here's the miracle though, this is the first time we've paid for diapers since I got home from Guate 4 months ago! Our youth group at church held a diaper shower for us before I left and it's carried us all the way through this time. There's actually even more in the basement but they're the next size up! AUGH! It's amazing!

* The fridge is displaying the new "schedule".(In reference to post on 10/15) It's even color-coded. So far, so good. I did take the advice of several bloggers on checking out flylady.com. Took some nuggets here and there and now there's organization, routine and a schedule for me, not just Eliot.

* I've managed to accomplish the best of both worlds. Sort of. I got a call from a school that I previously worked at to see if I was available to tutor 10 hours a week. The student isn't currently in school, so I'm able to work my time with her into my schedule. I've got my foot back in the teaching world without the major time commitment!

*Mr. Toddler is experimenting with little fits. They're not much and not often. The main time he throws them is centered around brushing teeth time. The odd part is that it occurs when I have to put away the toothbrush! I can't wait to remind him of this when he's 14...

*Eliot goes through spurts where he drinks water all day every day. For the last week, the first thing he does in the morning is find his water bottle and drinks 9oz. Needless to say, we're rolling through the diapers like mad! He's easily drinking over 20oz before lunch, not counting the average 7-9 oz of milk!

* Eliot went to his first real movie on Sunday! We went to see "The Bee Movie". He loved it! He basically sat in my lap for the entire hour and a half. He was intrigued with the enormous screen!

And, eliot's new security blanket is Daisy. He drinks most of his sippy cups in this spot, usually with his tag blanket. Daisy doesn't seem to mind.


Scott & Melissa Davis said...

I loved it...let's do coffee again sometime, okay??

Blessed Mommy said...

he's getting so big!! and wow, how great he sat thru the whole movie -- don't think we're brave enough to try that yet :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Katie. I've never commented, but I love your blog because I can always be guaranteed of a good laugh - I mean that in a good way! :) I LOVE the "Note to Self" blogs - mostly because I've either thought or done the same thing myself.

I also love to see pictures of your sweet boy - could you just not eat him up! He is SO CUTE!!!

By the way, we saw The Bee Movie too and my son, Max, loved it - I thought it was pretty funny too.

Keep the laughs and pictures coming!!!

Take care,

Amy said...

Love the dog. Too cute.

Katie said...

That pciture could win a award !! Beautiful !!!

kate said...

Um, love that you used flylady! I tried that when I lived in STL - thought I was going to swat her down. Dude, miss you and love you - can't wait to see you. Can we please set a date? Talk soon, busy and scheduled mama.

Anonymous said...

will you post your schedule??? not that I think I'll ever be organized enough to follow one, but i can dream can't i? please share!