Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coffee catch-up chat...2

*Friday night was a women's retreat for my church. It was my first night to be away from Eliot since I've had him which is almost a year now. It was harder than I thought. I wasn't even gone for 24 hours for the retreat but for some reason the overnight part got to me. And just as suspected: he got cuter while I was gone.

*The Parents-As-Teachers lady came over today for the first time. She's my new best friend. Why? Because she spent most of her time with us telling me how brilliant and adorable my son is. Yep, she's in.

*To make sure E's vaccinations worked from Guatemala, we had to get bloodwork done to see if all the anti-bodies were there. So yesterday Russ and I went to the hospital bloodwork lab with Eliot. 8 viles of blood later, Eliot was still not crying. What? Who is this person? He's amazing. He's more mad when the toothbrush is taken away from him than when some overly-friendly lady is sticking needles in his little arm.

*Aunt Manda was here this weekend! She and E had a great time bonding. I'll let the pictures tell about her time here! She was especially helpful this weekend since we had so much going on! It was one of those weekends where you start a conversation and it lasts all weekend in between all the different activities! She was a huge help while we got so many things done!


Jennifer said...

Love the jackets - bought both of them for my son! Target rocks!

Blessed Mommy said...

El is amazing!! we just walk into the doctor's office and the girls won't stop crying until we leave!

Amanda said...

I had a blast being there this past weekend!!! And there will be many more weekends like that in the years to come.

Heather S. said...

I used to think getting blood work done was worse on the mommies - until I had little girls! It's more drama than anything when we go. We walk into the doctor's office and Lucy grabs her leg, cries "shot!" then "cookie!"

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Eliot looks so cute in stripes. What a brave little guy at the Dr's, Gabi screams as if she is being murdered and that's without shots!!!!