Monday, November 12, 2007

Shower for Sharon cont!

The "Cyber Shower" was a success! Through good connection and bad, we were able to webcam Sharon, Irene, and Bella into our party on Sunday afternoon. Brian and Cheryl also got a cake for them across the country so we all had cake at the same time! Isn't that funny? I'll leave you with pics of our end of the party. Also, if you haven't sent your cards/gifts yet, shoot me an email and I'll get you their address! And for those who didn't know, Sharon +family arrived home Friday night! She's actually already home, been to Target and Cracker Barrell! Praise God!

(Eliot and Bella were showing each other their belly buttons at the same time!!)

(Eliot's new friend Jack! So cute!)

(Jack and Eliot were both acting like they were sleeping. Hoppin' party, huh?)


Blessed Mommy said...

looks like so much fun! still wish we could have been there, but i am so happy to hear (and see on their blog) that they are actually, FINALLY home!!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

I sure do wish I could have been there....looks like it was a blast!! The kids are so cute!! Have you seen the new pics of Eliana?! We found out yesterday that she might be allergic to cotton....looks like we'll be buying a lot of silk and cashmere.....:-)!


Rebecca and Shannon said...

How fun!!!! Owen is cutting a molar so he had major fever Sun and Mon. and wanted his mommy and no one else, so we stayed home. I WISH WISH WISH we could've been there! He could have pretended to sleep along with the other little guys. :)