Friday, November 30, 2007

Hanging of the Greens

My Dad will probably look at my Mom upon reading this title and say, "Who are the Greens and what did they do?" So predictable.

Yesterday was a fun afternoon for the Mohr's. We went tree hunting! Eliot was on the verge of sleep when we stopped by the tree lot (and by tree lot, I mean Home Depot. Just trying to make it seem a bit more fun...) but came to life once he got comfortable.

He found a pine cone and was proudly carrying it around for all to see!

He was curious as to why Dad was giving "Agua" to the tree.

He was quite the helper with the lights as well!

Yes, this is Eliot chewing on the probably-full-of-lead-paint-made-in-China string of silver beads. Also pay close attention to the movie playing in the background....Mohr family tradition.

You'll have to wait to see the finished product. Oh the anticipation! (Don't get too excited, there's not some big surprise, I just didn't take a picture of it finished because we were on our way to dinner at a friends house...)

Have a great weekend!


Bob Hansel said...

I would say "have a wonderful first U.S. Christmas together", but I'll see you before Christmas!! Maybe I'll say it then :)

Anonymous said...

oh so great. i can't wait to come see the finished product!! El is so cute!

Rebecca and Shannon said...

I can't see the durn movie! What is it?

And why am I not surprised that you, Katie Mohr, have a tree-light winder-upper and that I, Rebecca Henson, have a large gnarled knot of tree-lights?

Katie said...

It's Christmas Vacation! We watch it every year while putting up the tree.